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Paula Esparza

President & CEO 

My favorite dish is Turkish Eggs(Cilbir)!

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Richeek Basu

Chief Vice President

My favorite emoji is Cloud Emoji

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I was the strongest butterfly stroke swimmer in my High School Team

Director of Vice Presidency

Julianna Guel


Stephania Rey


I have been a professional dancer since the age 13.


Amy Nguyen

Executive Vice President

I was a CIF finalist for Badminton in High School


Jewel Anne Cawaling

Chief Human Resource Officer

I am allergic to cats despite the fact I find them adorable and like them very much.

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Sneh Vinay Mistry

Chief Human Resources Officer Trainee

I love to wear Caps

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Brandon Salazar

Chief Media Officer (Filmographer)

I know how to play 7 different instruments

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Yareth Garcia Gaona

Chief Outreach Director

I can spend the whole day working on puzzle pieces!

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Lex Jensen

Chief Public Relations Officer

I really enjoy singing and used to be in a competitive acapella group.

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Jose Mondragon

Chief Media Officer(Photographer)



I play and occasionally run tabletop board games  such as DnD for friends!

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May(Mehjabeen Tasnim Khan)

Executive Outreach Director

I am into solving books

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Torrey Lawson

Chief Military and Veterans Liason Officer

I have the same name as my favorite area in San Diego, Torrey Pines.


Raghad Abunofal

Chief Financial Officer

I am a professional dabke dancer.


Dyter Huerta

Executive Financial Officer

I once bumped into Travis Scott at a skate shop

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Nabil Basheeruddin

Chief Administrator

I have more time playing overwatch 2 than reading


Luis Lopez Gonzalez

Chief Information Technology Officer

I love to play Overwatch 2 in my free time. 

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Jorge Torres

Chief Communication Officer



I do professional beer sensory and I am passionate about beer education!


Lenny Brokhman

Technical Lead



I do professional bodybuilding.

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