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The MIS Society, officially recognized by ASI CSUSM in the Fall semester of 2008, is a steadily growing campus organization at California State University San Marcos.


Founding Student Members:
Richard Morris, Chris James,

Aaron Hansen, Juan Johnson,

Wendy Babu, Casey Davidson,

Nathaniel Keifer


Faculty Advisory Committee :

Fang Fang, Yi Sun, Jack Leu 

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California State University San Marcos
College of Business Administration MIS Option


Connecting, collaborating, and engaging. 

Our mission is to ease the transition from student to professional. One way we accomplish this is by providing the means for students to establish a valuable networking system. This system allows interaction between other students, College of Business Administration faculty and staff, as well as industry professionals.


The MIS Society gives its members the added tools and knowledge of the IT industry and the role that Management Information Systems plays in today's business world. We achieve this by organizing events and seminars that help guide our members in career development and building professional networking portfolios.



Our alumni have secured employment at esteemed organizations such as

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