Shelly Selvaraj

Senior VP of IT




Tips and Info:

It’s important to have people who will look after you, but this will only happen if you look after other people's careers. Word will spread, and people will come and give you advice with your career in mind knowing that you are reliable. If you want people to care about your success you must care about other's successes.

Most people need mentors. Not many people can “fail fast” and learn from their mistakes all on their own.

It’s always good to diversify your career, don’t stay at a company for 14+ years. Five years is a good maximum. Do non-IT and consulting to give you more skills.

Pursue jobs that you find exciting.

Start early and switch companies while you are young, when you are in your advanced career people will not accept you if you are too experienced. Executives will be hesitant to hire an IT director into a marketing position, for instance.

IT work for larger companies can be more difficult.

Automation is going to make more job positions obsolete. So make sure you have the skills needed to avoid this fate.


Early Career Advice: 

Big companies can be good, and you can be trained well, and it will look good on your resume.

Small mom and pop companies are also good, but you should only work with them if you intend to help them grow and stick with them. If you make a small business successful, it’s a wonderful career choice. But if you are just there for a paycheck with no major changes it will not be an asset to your career path in the long run.

Startups can be successful, but in a startup there is less of a chance to find someone to mentor you, and the risk is high. Plus, many startups fail. While this can be a learning opportunity, it can also be a waste of time if you are not careful.



Dexcom creates glucose monitoring technology that allows patients to monitor their sugar levels in real-time without the need for fingersticks. Their flagship device allows the patient and up to 10 others to follow and continuously track their glucose levels via smartphone app. New technology is being developed with the help of Verily to create a monitor the size of a penny. 


Dexcom internships are going to be available this summer!


  • Desired Competencies:

    • Microsoft Azure

    • Process Automation / Scripting


Skills to Develop:

- Delivering major organizational change

- Building high performing teams

- Being results-oriented

- Influencing others

- Emotional intelligence

- Committing to ongoing learning

- Doing what it takes to succeed

- Solving complex problems

Focus for the Future:

- Process automation and transformation

- Customer experience and engagement

- IT infrastructure and cloud

- Enterprise platforms

- Customer growth, segmentation and profitability 

- E-commerce and customer portals.