James Linlor

Chief Information Security Officer


Tips and Info:

  • Why begin a career in cybersecurity? Challenge and opportunity.

  • The demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing; this field contends with a target-rich environment and the targets are always moving.

  • Beginning with the military or with government contracting is a good way to embark on this career pathway.

  • To be a competitive candidate, it is vital to have experience. Have projects to showcase!

  • You have to know "the how" behind various attacks, particularly those that involve ransomware.

  • Understanding machine learning is very valuable for this field, you can learn how to build basic machine learning systems online.

  • If you feel unsure about what you need to know to begin in cybersecurity, look up role requirements on job boards and pursue those skills.

  • Once you have a position in this field, remember that integrity is essential. Own your mistakes immediately or you will not last long.

  • Use resources like Cyberseek to learn more about getting started in cybersecurity!


Certifications to consider:


Certified Ethical Hacker