Barbara Munro

Co-founder SIM San Diego

Co-founder, Partner The Carrera Agency


Tips and Info:


  • Working for startups can be advantageous, you’ll have a chance to wear a lot of different hats, and you’ll get exposed to a larger slice of the company when compared to working at larger firms.

  • Always be open to new opportunities, cultivate a “why not?” attitude.

  • Cybersecurity and project management roles are in high demand.

  • Never underestimate networking, even after finding a job, it’s vital to keep your network alive.

  • Use LinkedIn!

  • It may not be obvious, but soft skills are essential in the field of technology.

  • Be sure to tailor your resume for each position you apply for.

  • Be tenacious, if your first email doesn’t get a response, don’t be afraid to try again!

  • Don’t get discouraged if you end up changing your job several times, these days, you’re not expected to stay at a company for 5+ years.


SIM San Diego: